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About Us

IDIDIDD* is experienced design consultancy working on product design and marekting for various companies and individuals. We're focused on bringing brand new, innovative products and services for consumer market. We can also enhance your current business models with fresh concepts and marketing ideas. We're focused on the unique user experience, technology and physical design interaction. We're looking for design opportunities involving technology and society, and what connects these together.

This site is showing our Concepts and Ideas designed for Google by IDIDIDD*. We wanted to share these ideas with Google for inspiration and discussion about the future of technology, including wearables, AI, robotics, biotechnology and other smart consumer electronics. We believe, Google has long term potential to help to define the sustainable life of our networked society.

*( ideal idea ideal deal )

We love our work

  • Industrial Design
    We're designing new consumer products from Conception, Drafting, Prototyping, Product design strategy,...
  • Interaction Design
    Every innovative product design we're working on needs brand new perspective in the user experience field.
  • Marketing Strategy
    We're strong in brand creation and market positioning. Our core competences are the marketing strategy planning and campaigns development. This includes market research, pre-launch customer feedback, social media, viral concepts, additional installations and new type of content delivery.
  • Visual Arts and Graphic Design
    Our experienced team of creative thinkers is passionate about precise execution of all the product visuals, treatments and visualisations.
  • Project Management
    Various processes throughout the product development need special approach in the project management. We are able to take the project from the the first phases.

Wanna talk?

Do you have something to discuss with us? Any project, company, dream or product you wanted to build? We can come up with a cool brand name for you. Help you to define the right strategy for product launch. Let us know. Or just say Hello!

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