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Nexus 6 (X-Phone)

The hero Android device by Motorola


Side view

Nexus 6 (Moto X) brings you the best of Android experience in the new body. "X Envelope" is the new concept for design strategy of Nexus hero device made by Google and Motorola. Just try Android 6.0 Milkshake and spatial gesture recognition in the best possible performance.

Envelope Design

Edgy backside with characteristic "X Envelope" signature. Characteristic edgy body made from semi flexible materials and composite. This "X Envelope look" defines the new design direction for new Nexus products family. This brings you the new feeling from daily use and touch your high-end technology piece.

Envelope design

Envelope design with Plus middle

Edgy design


Not just in the field of outer chassis. The Nexus 6 contains inside hi-end components, audio-vido inputs (HDMI, USB, 3.5,..) and 4.6inch flexible OLED display

Flexible display

3D Print look and feel edition

These special designed edition brings you customized prototype experience of your device. Some of the parts could be directly customized especially for you throughout the manufacturing process. And of course, you can 3D print your own unique chassis. Open-hardware distribution should be available.

3D print look


All the perhiperals in the palm of your hands. There is basic volume key and upper lock key. In bottom part is placed LED, signalizing for you various activities, lovely changing different colors and rhythm.


Volume Key

Lock button




Specs overview

Marketing poster

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